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My goal is to add hundreds of decks to the library so that you don’t have to spend time googling for deck wheelbase, concave, etc. So if you’re want to help, you can buy a couple of tools and measure your own boards and send the measurements and photos.

Contour gauge:

Angle measuring tool:

Tape measure:

Send your board info and photos to

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Width *
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Length *
Nose pitch (degrees) *
Use a digital angle gauge
Tail pitch (degrees) *
Use a digital angle gauge
Nose length *
Tail length *
Wheelbase *
Measured between the middles of the inside bolt holes.
Fingers of flat - nose *
Fingers of flat - tail *
Shape *
Concave depth *
Use a contour gauge and caliper. Push the contour gauge to copy the concave and measure the width of the curve with the caliper.
Thickness *
~10mm - 99% decks
Weight *
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